Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Fat Cat

This morning, Ryan took Tamago to the vet for his annual check-up. Bad news for the Big Guy - he has to go on a diet! In the past year, he's gained 1 pound, so I guess the vet felt it was a good idea to get him slim & trim again...Ryan and I were kind of hoping he'd get to the 20 lb mark they (Ragdolls) average at, but he only weighed in at 15.25 lbs today, so I guess we won't hit that 'goal.' It's hard to believe he's gained weight from all of the running away/avoiding Aryn he's been doing in the past year!

Here's a picture of him when we got him...a mere 2 pounder.

And, this is right before Aryn's arrival...

Can you tell I'm at a lack of exciting info to blog about? Must be the rain... : ) OH, I have been editing some maternity photos I took for one of my neighbors, so I'll try to pick a favorite or two to post in the next day or so...

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