Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The whole day of this session was beautiful...until about 30 minutes before we met (and, we even moved it up 30 minutes to try to beat the rain). ha! Mother Nature pretty much just does what she wants. Even so, it wasn't too hard of a rain & we braved it. Wouldn't you know, it stopped raining for the last 15 minutes or so of our time together - of course! : )

The setting for this session was Cool Springs Education Center. It is a vast property, with lots of features. We got some great shots in the rain, so I can only imagine what we could've done in the sunshine. Another wooded area = more ticks. None for me this time, but one of the little guys had 2. Luckily, I had the Tick Twister on hand from my last tick experience. By the way, if any of you are familiar with that product, can you please let me know where you got it or have seen it? It's my mom's, but she can't remember where she found it. Thanks!

Now, on to a little sneak peek!

The main lake was the safe haven for most of our session - you can see the rain drops (and overcast, but bright sky, which made for great lighting).

What a great family - I so enjoyed spending time with you!

How about all of these bright blue eyes?! They were all excellent models, too. Every so often, they'd each decide on another pose they'd want to try - loved it! You could totally see their different personalities coming through, too...

Thank you for being such troopers, G Family - braving the rain, walking the property, surviving ticks & little brothers!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Furly's Family

I like to keep client's names anonymity in my posts, but I thought this title wouldn't be too much of a giveaway (unless you know her already, obviously). Another beautiful family photographed and catching up with an old friend along the way makes for a great evening. They were troopers, though, with some of them having been to the doctor or hospital only 2 days prior! Or a day trip to Holiday World, which is equally as tiring! That place is tons of fun - you should go, if you haven't already.

The backdrop was their family farm, complete with a litter of kittens. I would definitely love to go back and photograph that spot another time (and, peruse through the various barns and buildings for Alphabetography)...hint, hint. : )

A look at some of the images we got:

Proud Mama K.

Look closely at those sweet boots! (Miss K's, not Dad's, of course) (click each image to enlarge)

She was so smiley, despite being sick. What a doll.

I did get some serious shots of her, too. Those are some seriously big blue eyes!

Sweet baby girl...

We (ok, I) didn't have enough time to explore every nook & cranny, but they had staked out this area for a shot - good spot!

I do love upside down pictures! And, more big blue eyes...

Thank you, Furly & Family!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Growing Up

Here is a sweet sibling duo for you...You might remember them from last year, but boy, have they grown up since then. It's always fun riding around on this property, taking pictures, catching up with their mom, too. What a great way to spend a morning! And, it was just like being at home, with Miss R (who is my daughter's age) wanting to sit on my lap as we rode around. She also took quite a liking to the idea of being the photographer, because by the end of our time together, she was repeating all my instructions to her family & attempting to pose them. It was so cute, and she was great comic relief for the entire group. Oh, and she was very concerned with checking me for ticks (my total count ended up being 7, by the way!).

It's also a good thing that we moved our session to a week earlier, because our original date was today & it is supposed to be raining and storming all day.

I noticed they enjoyed picking on each other a lot more this year...the "nice" shots of them together were a little trickier this time around. : )

A little time down by the water, looking for minnows...

They had matching guns, but Miss R's was pink camo, of course!

Such a cool little guy - heading to Kindergarten in the Fall...

Little Miss Motherly...

...and, my future assistant! Getting the family picture, and making sure it's good. For some shots, she had to take the picture first, then, and only then, would she accept being in the picture so I could take it. It was too cute.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mr. CL

Some more handsome little guys! After a nap (and some Goldfish, more importantly), these boys were ready to smile. The location was the Capital in Frankfort, KY, and it was the perfect backdrop for our evening photo session. It was a little toasty, but some of us managed to stay cooler than others, not to mention any names, Big Brother... : )

Here are some sneak peeks - hope you enjoy!

"Holy Bokeh, Batman!" (this is a quote from another photog friend of mine - can't take credit for that one...) Such beautiful light at the end of our session!

What a looker!
Thank you so much for letting me spend time with your boys, Mom - hope you all enjoyed the fireworks that evening!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mr. M - 2011 Version

This is the second time this family has graced the might remember this little guy & his love of trains from last year. We had an interesting session, but I think we managed to get some good looks from him here & there. Mom & Dad probably got more camera time than Mr. M, though! ha ha

Here are some sneak peeks, dear friends...

While we were waiting for the man of the hour to warm up a bit, we got some couple pictures in...
And, some pictures of the "original" family...Buddy (on the left) is the perfect poser, don't you think?

After a tickle session & checking to see if I'm still around, but keeping mom nearby...just in case.

On top of the world! I think he was probably saying, "No more pictures, please...let me play on my daddy's boat now!"

*Heading to another photo session this afternoon, so check back next weekend for some more cute little boys!