Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Mini Session: R Family

Another mini a great location, that I had no idea existed. Thank you for scouting that out for us, Cindy! I will be going back, for sure.

This was the 4th time (yes 4th!), I've been able to photograph this family. You can see them here, then that post takes you to the other two sessions. Whew!

Again, you can see how much they've grown up, and how adorable they still are. Here is the 2011 version of the Rimmer Family...

I think the bottom left picture is my favorite of the whole session...just because she looks totally bored, but SO cute in that hat!

We had to update a photo that we took during the maternity session, which can be seen here, if you haven't already clicked on it above.

***That makes me up-to-date on my blogging - yeah! I do have several more sessions coming up in November, so check back again in a couple of weeks.  See you then!

Soon-to-be Older Sisters (and their Mom)

I have a sister, and always just assumed that my daughter would have a sister. She, however, got a brother.  :  )  But, I know the special bond between sisters & am excited for these girls to have each other (plus, another sister or...a brother...on the way).  This future sibling of their's is going to be such a lucky little guy or gal!

Last time I photographed these beautiful girls, we were at French Lick. This time, we headed to Lincoln National Memorial, which you will remember from my sister's family photos post. Hmm, that's ironic! ha ha Anyway - you will see how much they have grown up, with Miss A just starting school this year. My how time flies...

I'm behind on my blogging, so this Mom has already seen her gallery...which means, here are more than the usual number of pictures for you!

Can you tell they have so much fun together?

How about that top picture? "Hot Mama," right?
One more thing - I had to apologize for not getting enough individual shots of these girls. They were just always together.  That's Sisterly Love for you!

Lisa - thanks again for letting me capture the calm before the (new baby) storm!  See you soon for that, too.  :  )

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was so thrilled to hear back from this see, they were my first ever engagement session! Now, they are happily married & expecting their first baby in about 8 weeks or so. And, what is so exciting is that they don't know the gender of the baby - I love that!

We met up in our little hometown's park for an evening session, which gave us some awesome lighting...

The proud Parents-to-be.
Any gender predictions out there?
Proof that a windmill does exist in our hometown of Holland, IN!!

Congratulations, you guys, and thank you for having me capture this exciting time in your lives!

Meine Schwester

Sooo, this is my sister's family. You've seen her before, here & here. Miss E is growing up so fast & really making some noise in our lives (literally, I heard her screaming quite a bit this weekend!).  :  )  They had gotten some church directory photos taken the previous day, so the little gal already knew what was up. But, that didn't mean she felt like participating. We did get some huge smiles & a full-body shot of her, which were the goals...

This session took place at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, in Lincoln City, IN. I'd gone there as a child and for a couple of weddings as an adult, but after being there again, I would like to go back and do the tour/movie thing. Maybe relearn some of what I already "knew" about our 16th President's time here...?

Miss E is a girl on the move, that is for sure. I am jealous of her bedtime routine, though. She just goes right to bed...without any problems or fussing. She literally tried climbing into her pack 'n play when I said it was bedtime. Amazing!
Getting so grown up! And, Miss T was just on Homecoming Court at her high school a few weeks ago...
Yeah! We got some beautiful fall colors for their backdrop.
I just want to squeeze those legs of her's!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Every year, my office dresses up. My first year there, there were 5 of us. And, we went to lunch. The tradition has progressively grown & gotten bigger/better each year. This year might have been the best turnout, and we were even missing our usuals, "Guy Gizzard" and "Elvis." The lunch crowd at El Caporal was in awe...and asked where we worked.  :  )

The Best Gilligan's Island Group Ever!

Farley got dopplegangered!

Janis & Jimmy

A frame-worthy shot of Skipper & his Little Buddy

Another doppleganger sighting

The Whole Group, and yes, we went out to lunch together!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Sweetheart & A Space Cowboy

Wow. Another amazing family for you! This is the 2nd time I've gotten to photograph them, and it's always an adventure. Last year, we were in a creek. This year, we trekked over to some nearby property & got to watch corn harvesting in action. They do make getting some great photos really easy, though...

The Girls

He is explaining how corn goes into the combine, then out to the hopper...can you tell she is thrilled! ha ha So much love in the 2nd shot.

She did do a little taste-testing at this location. Look at those bright blue eyes!

Don't you wish you had a Halloween costumer like this? Complete with a "moon rock!"

The Taylor Family 2011
This was Mr. I's request. Mom did a great job getting this shot of my little buddy & I. Thanks!

Thank you for your patience (and endurance) during our session! Should have the rest ready soon...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monks Mini

Hope you're not done looking at photos, yet, because I have another wonderful family to share with you! This was another mini session I did in Old Louisville, near St. James Court. As I was scouting out a few spots, I just had to stop & look one point, I counted 10 squirrels within a 15 foot radius of me. It was crazy - they were everywhere! This little guy thoroughly enjoyed the distraction they provided.  :  )

Such a sweet little guy!

I learned a new technique on getting smiles during this one...many thanks to Dad for discovering that one!
Jumping for joy that we are almost done!  :  )

Thanks for letting me spend time with you, Monks Family!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Men

Meet some of the handsome little men in my neighborhood... These two little guys (well, one is little & the other is younger, but not so little) are around 18 months apart - keeping Mom & Dad on their toes! I know it was an interesting preview for me, to see the 2 year old running here & there, and here & there...and here & there.  ha ha What a great weight-loss program!

Such a happy boy!

Can you tell they're brothers? Those big blue eyes are a giveaway!

Sweet big brother...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Waters Family

Another beautiful family for you! I had the privilege of photographing this family before they ventured off to Hubers Family Farm for a little pumpkin picking, hay riding, baked goods buying, and maybe a little wine tasting?  :  ) Sounds like a perfect Sunday, doesn't it?

On to the good stuff!

Their first family photo!

Thank you for hosting our photo session!

Sweet Cousins!

Happy Family!

Such big brown eyes - I love them!

(I just noticed I ended every caption with an "!"...such enthusiasm! ha! I can't help it!)  ;  )

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

McClain Family

Wow. I had so much fun with my friend, Nicole, and her two beautiful children! On a sunny, but chilly morning, the 4 of us talked, laughed, tried keeping 5 balloons under control, had tissue breaks, greeted every person on the street (by name!), laughed, ran into friends driving by, grabbed some delicious lunch, and, oh yeah, we took these amazing photos.

I know you will love them as much as I do (the people & the photos)!  :  )
(click on any picture to enlarge)

Just getting warmed up...

Did I mention there was lots of laughing?

Ms Mom is an artist herself, so she came up with some amazing outfits!

All I can say is "gorgeous."

More beautifulness, I can't help it!

This was their favorite "pose" request of the day!

**This post will kick off many, many posts to come in the next 2 sure to check back in!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Middle of Nowhere

Last August, I met with Sara, of Sprinkles of Light, for a little mentoring session. She threw out the idea that we should meet up in the spring to take each other's family photos. Then, I had a baby, winter came, spring came, and then she was expecting (and I didn't really feel like I had too much to offer her in the photo-swap-reciprocation...especially coming out of winter, where I had done um, zero family sessions)! Summer came, her baby was born, I had a few family sessions under my belt & feeling up to the challenge. So, with this steel-trap memory of mine (ha!), I remembered her proposal & contacted her. She politely agreed!

I was nervous as could be for about the first half of the outing, but it really was a lot of fun when we were trying to get shots of each other's kids (while trying to get our own child out of the way), and working different angles to get the right light. The spot she chose, McCloud Nature Park, was literally out in the middle of nowhere. I really wish I knew of a spot in this area, though, because it had this tall grass that was awesome!

So, onto the shots...these are not all of my favorites, but I had to make myself stop at some point.

Thank you, Sara, for giving me this opportunity to work with you again! You have a beautiful family & I am sure everyone will agree with that -

What a sweet big sister...

Love this whole series! Plus, this whole backlighting thing was totally new to me, but I love it!

Yeah, the Little(st) Man is looking at the camera! Aren't they a gorgeous family?!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cowgirl Up!

We celebrated our daughter's birthday this past weekend. Luckily, we are not a large (nor young) group, so we kept it inside - away from the 101 degree heat! Unfortunately, part of our family had a car break down on the trip over. So, they did have to suffer through the heat for a little bit. But, the awesome dealership, Ruxer Ford, came to their rescue & got them back on the road with a loaner.

So, with a slight delay in getting started, the Cowgirl-themed soirée was underway! I tried my hand at a shaped cake, made from a mold, this year, and honestly, it terrified me more than the 6-layer pink cake I made last year! Ryan made the cake, then Aryn & I iced it. I think it turned out well, and she loved it!

To rewind - we arrived at this theme because Ryan is always telling Aryn to "Cowgirl Up!" and any time I asked her what she wanted for her birthday (for months, really, because I kept expecting a different answer to come out eventually), she always requested a "horsey head on a stick." How she came up with this idea, I have no idea to this day. But, she was persistent, so I thought she must really want one! ha ha She got her birthday wish, and wow, she is galloping all over the place now.

Here are a few highlights from her special day:
(Click on any of these images to make them larger)
The invite and her cowgirl attire...

Some cowboy-themed silly bands (which she also took as favors for her classmates, as they were fittingly having "Way Out West" week at school), the infamous horsey-head-on-a-stick, pretend spurs, and the birthday girl with her birthday cake. And, I was really happy with the pennant banner I made, but not so happy with the distracting background!

A few of her gifts & guests (well, just the 2 other kiddos) - all happy campers! (Photography by Ryan...)