Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy #3!

We just celebrated our daughter's 3rd birthday...it's so amazing how time flies (when you're having fun, right?!). She is full of personality, which just keeps growing each day. We are blessed to have her in our lives & can't wait to see her be a Big Sister in just a short while...Here are some pictures we took at the zoo recently. She wouldn't give up too many smiles for me, but I caught a couple.

Also, a couple of shots of her birthday cake...all she requested was "Pink" for her party, so we did "pink." The cake was inspired by this rainbow cake. I wish I would've used more icing in between the layers like they did, but did not want any of our parents/grandparents to go into sugar shock! This was my first made-from-scratch cake & it took for.ever! I cannot imagine cooking this way all of the time. Kudos to the generations before us!

Um, yes, and it really tasted delicious - I know you're jealous! : )

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mr. I (3 yrs) & Miss L (3 mos)

For those of you that know me, I refer to a lot of people how I know them...for example, "My Friend, Megan" is getting married today!!! So happy for her & Matt, and their families. Then, there are 2 girls that I refer to as "The Childbirth Class Girls", since that's how we met. These two beautiful, blue-eyed babes belong to one of them. Mr. I, Miss M & Aryn are all 2 weeks apart, so the 3 families that met in that class have been getting together for playdates (kids only & moms only) for the past 3 years. This couple is wonderfully laid-back & I was delighted to spend even more time with them at their home last weekend. I had a few minutes this morning, so I wanted to get a couple of sneak peeks posted for them.

Have a great 3rd Birthday Party, Mr. I!!

Such a happy baby girl. Can't believe how quickly 3 months have gone...

I loved his energy, but am content that Aryn is not always on the move like that. : ) He was so sweet - wanting me to sit by him when I'd ask him to do a pose during the sessions...guess he didn't realize someone had to take the pictures!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hello blog followers (if there are any of you out there!)! It's been awhile since I've had time to post, and really, I don't have anything super substantial to say. But, I thought I'd check in to say Hi! and let you know to keep checking back in every once in awhile...

Mainly, I've been super busy at work, nesting at home & figuring out what I can try to get Aryn to do by herself before the baby comes (Strapping herself into the carseat? check!, Showering by herself? check!, Getting dressed & brushing her own hair? 1/2 a check for each, but we still have time). She's also learned how to spell her first & last name. There is a slight advantage that 3 of the letters in her last name are the same, though. ha ha Next week, she'll be moving into the 3 year old room at daycare, which just floors me. Where have the past 3 years gone?!

Other news on the home front - Volleyball games start next week for "Coach Ryan" & he is studying for some wine exam thing through work. I'm going to be meeting with Sara, of Sprinkles of Light, for a photography mentoring session this month. So, I'm very excited about that! I'm not sure what the rest of the year holds for me, photography-wise. However, I'm already thinking about things I would like to implement in 2011...if you have any suggestions, I'm definitely open to ideas.

To close, here are a few pics from our trip to Toledo (courtesy of Ashley - mine are still on the camera) and the last swim lesson.

Those fireworks were just too loud.

A great big toss from Daddy!

Our proud little "Perch" & her swim teacher.

Turning 3 in about 30 days...crazy!