Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Mini Session: R Family

Another mini a great location, that I had no idea existed. Thank you for scouting that out for us, Cindy! I will be going back, for sure.

This was the 4th time (yes 4th!), I've been able to photograph this family. You can see them here, then that post takes you to the other two sessions. Whew!

Again, you can see how much they've grown up, and how adorable they still are. Here is the 2011 version of the Rimmer Family...

I think the bottom left picture is my favorite of the whole session...just because she looks totally bored, but SO cute in that hat!

We had to update a photo that we took during the maternity session, which can be seen here, if you haven't already clicked on it above.

***That makes me up-to-date on my blogging - yeah! I do have several more sessions coming up in November, so check back again in a couple of weeks.  See you then!

Soon-to-be Older Sisters (and their Mom)

I have a sister, and always just assumed that my daughter would have a sister. She, however, got a brother.  :  )  But, I know the special bond between sisters & am excited for these girls to have each other (plus, another sister or...a brother...on the way).  This future sibling of their's is going to be such a lucky little guy or gal!

Last time I photographed these beautiful girls, we were at French Lick. This time, we headed to Lincoln National Memorial, which you will remember from my sister's family photos post. Hmm, that's ironic! ha ha Anyway - you will see how much they have grown up, with Miss A just starting school this year. My how time flies...

I'm behind on my blogging, so this Mom has already seen her gallery...which means, here are more than the usual number of pictures for you!

Can you tell they have so much fun together?

How about that top picture? "Hot Mama," right?
One more thing - I had to apologize for not getting enough individual shots of these girls. They were just always together.  That's Sisterly Love for you!

Lisa - thanks again for letting me capture the calm before the (new baby) storm!  See you soon for that, too.  :  )

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was so thrilled to hear back from this see, they were my first ever engagement session! Now, they are happily married & expecting their first baby in about 8 weeks or so. And, what is so exciting is that they don't know the gender of the baby - I love that!

We met up in our little hometown's park for an evening session, which gave us some awesome lighting...

The proud Parents-to-be.
Any gender predictions out there?
Proof that a windmill does exist in our hometown of Holland, IN!!

Congratulations, you guys, and thank you for having me capture this exciting time in your lives!

Meine Schwester

Sooo, this is my sister's family. You've seen her before, here & here. Miss E is growing up so fast & really making some noise in our lives (literally, I heard her screaming quite a bit this weekend!).  :  )  They had gotten some church directory photos taken the previous day, so the little gal already knew what was up. But, that didn't mean she felt like participating. We did get some huge smiles & a full-body shot of her, which were the goals...

This session took place at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, in Lincoln City, IN. I'd gone there as a child and for a couple of weddings as an adult, but after being there again, I would like to go back and do the tour/movie thing. Maybe relearn some of what I already "knew" about our 16th President's time here...?

Miss E is a girl on the move, that is for sure. I am jealous of her bedtime routine, though. She just goes right to bed...without any problems or fussing. She literally tried climbing into her pack 'n play when I said it was bedtime. Amazing!
Getting so grown up! And, Miss T was just on Homecoming Court at her high school a few weeks ago...
Yeah! We got some beautiful fall colors for their backdrop.
I just want to squeeze those legs of her's!