Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miss M

Oh boy, well really "Girl!" I have been very busy this month, which is AWESOME. I'm getting to meet new people, spend time with old friends, and cuddle with this sweet little newborn. Miss M had just gotten home when I met her. And, luckily, there was a day of sunshine before the week of severe weather started here in Kentuckiana. She must have been very excited to be in her new home, because she didn't want to sleep much at all...and, she was probably waiting for her favorite Aunt Melanie to come see her, too! : )

Without further adieu, I introduce to you Miss M:

Mom, Dad & I did a little cheer right before this pose - she's alseep! For the meantime...

They were able to get some really nice hospital photos, which is unusual, but getting better these days. However, there were no "naked baby shots" and we definitely had to get that part taken care of!

And, just some images from her new room - I loved the decor! Also, her two big sisters were keeping an eye on her. Seeing these 2 lovely ladies reminded me of the Blue Heeler we had growing up.

Congratulations on your new addition, T & S! She's a beauty.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr. C-Man

Another session of chasing down a little boy. I tell you, I am getting in my exercise during these recent photo sessions, for sure... And, it has been great learning a little bit about what raising a boy is going to be like!

Mr. C just turned 2 years old, so his mom (one of my oldest & dearest friends) asked if I would be willing to photograph this milestone. He has got to be the smiley-est little guy out there, so of course I agreed. With his big brother around, there was no catching him. But, after he & Dad took off to track down some Big League Chew gum, things slowed down just a little. But, seriously, just a little.

I have actually gotten to be part of documenting his "life" twice, now that I think about it. It's hard to believe this was over 2 years ago! And, it's great to look back and realize I'm still doing photography sessions. I wonder where this path will be taking me 2 years from now?

Toddler Mode:

I LOVE his eyelashes & think I comment about them every time I see him.

And, just a little teaser on those great curls he has back there.

Ah, boys and rocks...

A huge Thank You to my lovely assistant, Taryn, who had to pull double duty that day - as "Mom" & "Reflector Holder." You did a great job!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

V Family

I got to meet this family because of a referral (thank you, and please keep 'em coming!), and I'm so glad to have met them. They are so down-to-earth & go-with-the-flow people. I think we might have to just hang out sometime in the future...

Our original session was slated for Saturday, but with thunderstorms and hail predicted, we had to postpone. Luckily it was only by 24 hours, though. That stormy Saturday gave way to record-breaking temps on Sunday. Gotta love the Midwest, right?

This little man did not seem to enjoy the whole picture-taking experience, either. By the end of our time together, he did a complete 360 degrees to get away from my camera, at least that's what I'm blaming it on. It was actually kind of funny! But, I think you will see, he is a completely adorable & happy little guy.

After a short time at their home, we ventured to our next spot: Our outdoor backdrop is the always gorgeous St. James Court, host to an infamous art show. If you're even slightly interested in artwork, you should make a trip to Louisville in the fall to check it out. (one of the food vendors there makes the most amazing crab cakes, too)

Here are a few sneak peeks for you:

I'm a sucker for little blondies with bright blue eyes.

Love the way Dad is looking at his family happy, so proud.

One of the many expressions Mr. E showed much personality.

He's happy!
Then, "I'm D.O.N.E." (this was taken right before the aforementioned "avoid Jaclyn" moment - I should've known! ha ha)

Thank you V Family - I hope you enjoyed your sneak peeks...more to come!