Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chrissy + Jason

This past weekend, I did another engagement session for one of my friends, whom I've known since kindergarten. I'm so happy for her & Jason to be tying the knot this fall...they are a busy, busy, busy & amazing couple, who's busy. Did I mention they're busy people? : ) When they're not being involved in the community, they do find some time to hang out at her family's cabin & lake. That was the location for our photo session, as well as their upcoming nuptials. It's a very near & dear place to their hearts. And, I don't think could've chosen a more perfect place to start their lives as "man & wife."

Even though, we waited until 7:45 p.m. or so to take these, it was still sweltering hot. Thank you guys for taking the heat & being troopers.

Here's a small sneak peek:

We're getting married!

A little smooch at sunset...

Aren't Chrissy's eyes are just amazing - yowza!

Love you guys & I wish you all the best!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arts On The Ohio

Well, I gave the art show thing another whirl. This one was outdoors, along the Jeffersonville Riverfront. Wow! What a great view I had...the Belle of Louisville motored by a few times both Friday & Saturday, all the while jazz music and the smell of BBQ filled the air. The participating artists were all so talented & very nice (those of them that I let myself meet). The thing I learned from the last show - don't visit too many other booths or you will spend all of your money! ha ha

It was a blistering weekend, but I stayed hydrated and in the shade (the free ice creams definitely helped, as well!). My mom came over Saturday morning & helped promote my work better than I ever could. She's allowed to do that & did so spectacularly! : ) Then, of course, she had to head back to our house to spend some time with Aryn, and Ryan came down to relieve her of her duties. I don't think he thought it was as miserable as he anticipated, but who knows.

So, overall, I would deem it a success - I made a little bit of money, passed out tons of cards, met some great artists, learned quite a bit about the art of art shows, my tent did not blow into the river during the thunderstorm Saturday morning (!), and did it all within 8 minutes of my house.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

My first customer (and neighboring vendor)...he even let me display it the rest of the day. Perfect Father's Day gift!! : )

Another customer's purchase...I meant to get pictures of all of them, but failed to do so...

Friday evening's set up...

Saturday's set up...much better! Also, aren't these tablecloths the bomb?! A very gracious friend let me borrow them for the weekend.

The Belle of Louisville making one of her cruises upriver...

In action...

A posing shot for the record...just in case I never do this again. : )

The Gateway to AOTO & a 22 wks pregnant lady! ha ha

Cute little pig sculpture contest they had going...

Thanks to everyone who came out to say "hi" or who made purchases - you truly made it worth sitting there for how many hours? : )

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Krites Family

Meet the Krites Family! They were the second 'victims' of my Memorial Day weekend photo sesssions... Their daughter is only 3 months older than Miss A, so they always have such a blast together. It's fun to see what she's doing & then see Aryn working on that same skill shortly thereafter. But, I digress - after a hectic morning, and with a very busy day ahead of them, we squeezed in some time together to capture a family photo (or two). As always, here are a few of my favorites...

A beautiful family!

The way to a 3 year old's heart...bubbles!

Or, using dad as a jungle gym, of course. Aryn loves doing this, too...

How sweet is she?

Thanks you guys - it was great to get to spend so much time with you that weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family of Five

This past weekend was fun-filled & busy. We got to spend lots of time with friends and family, and that is always welcomed! I also got to spend some time with two families for photo sessions Saturday & Sunday mornings.

First up: meet the Meyer's. I've known Dad since, gosh, who knows when? Before kindergarten...this is one of his younger twin brothers. They are so laid-back & have 3 beautiful children. It was really nice to catch up with them & be able to take some pictures along the way...here is a tiny sneak peak from our time together at Holland Park (have I mentioned what a nice park it is?!).

The girls...

She looks like she's had enough of these doting big brothers! : )

I'm sure there is never a dull moment at their house!

What a happy girl!


Thanks again for having me do this, Mom - you guys were wonderful!

Stay tuned for the next family...