Friday, May 14, 2010

My Own

Finally - a pseudo-photo shoot with my own child! This was about 20 min. in the back yard, with the main purpose being that I need/want to practice ISO/Aperature settings. She was/is not cooperative. at. all...but, I still love her death. : )

If you haven't checked in for awhile, keep scrolling down, as I have 2 fairly new posts after this one: an engagement session & a children's session. Happy Viewing!

She sat still for about 20 seconds, I think...and, looked at me for about 5 seconds, probably.

No, I will not look at you anymore...

Ok, that's fine, but I'm still going to take pictures of you! : )

Isn't that a sweet face? ha ha

"Look at mommy, Aryn." Ugh, that sky is too bright!

Are we done here, yet?

I'm outta here! (This is through the screen door, but I looove the texture & think it might be my new all-time favorite. She looks so grown-up sad.)

So the lessons I learned this evening: a lot of technical skills can be learned with even more practice & the right lighting makes all the difference in the world!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet the Presidents!

I had the privilege of spending some time with a friend of mine & her two children this past weekend for a little photo shoot at their family's property (an awesome camping spot!). The kids were so good, considering how windy & chilly it was. At least the sun was out, so that helped warm us up every once in awhile...

Miss R had the cutest shoes & freshly painted toenails!

Such concentration!

Mom & the kids (partially to warm up here) : ) Dad had to work, unfortunately. Hopefully, he gets to see these in the meantime (hi, kurt!).

Mr C had recently learned how to ride his bike, so he enjoyed making several laps to help me get some action shots!

I love this shot! This was at the very end, but she was all smiles showing us the contents of her purse. "Lip gloss!" Makes me smile every time I think of it...

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your relaxing weekend, Anderson/Snyder family! Thanks again for having me out to capture these for you. The rest will be coming to you soon...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kevin + Emily

Meet a childhood neighbor of mine & his new fiancé! Kevin contacted me about doing some sort of engagement pictures they might be able to use for their Save the Date card, so of course I said yes! (because 1. I've never done an engagement session of any sort 2. How could I say no to someone I've known since kindergarten? and 3. I just love taking pictures, regardless the purpose! This was our second attempt at getting together & even though it was a rainy day, they were such good sports (thank you.).

They're cute together...I think you'll like them. Here's a look:

This was at the beginning, where Kevin was demonstrating their height difference...

Emily was not as excited about these pictures as Kevin was, but I think she did fantastic!

Thanks again, you two. I wish you more happiness & love to come...