Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crayons & Play-Doh

On a blog I stalk, she mentioned finding still lifes left around the house by her daughter. She posted some of the pictures, which if you saw them, you would probably take them for granted and/or clean them up right away. But, she mentioned that they probably wouldn't be happening for too much longer (I don't know how old her daughter is, she didn't say). It got me to thinking...that is so true. Our children make their presence known in so many ways & why not capture some of those tiny masterpieces. Today, Aryn was coloring & when I went back to check on her, she had done this. It made me think of the "still lifes" post, so I grabbed my camera. Hopefully, I will be getting more of these types of images to show you. Have a great week!

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