Tuesday, February 23, 2010

94 Years Young

Today is my Grandpa Leo's 94th birthday...yes, 94! He has Alzheimer's & is in a nursing home, so we took the party to him this past Sunday. It seemed to be a good day for him, so that was nice to see. My mom said he was even a little disappointed Aryn didn't want to talk to him more than she did. She had practiced singing "Happy Birthday, Papa Leo" for the past 2 weeks, but of course, didn't sing a word when asked. As soon as we got back in the car, guess what she did - sang "Happy Birthday." Silly kids...

I took lots of pictures, but wanted to get this one posted. After I took it, I showed it to him & he said, "Pretty good looking!" I wonder what he thinks of digital cameras. : )

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  1. Awe, very sweet! The lighting is great. I need to practice more.