Friday, March 4, 2011

Miss S

Awww, have I ever mentioned how much I love newborns? This little beauty was a little over 1 week old when I got to meet her. Her mama has her hands full with her big brother, too, who is now 16 months old. She put up a fight at the beginning (not quite as cooperative as Big Bro), but we eventually got her calmed down (with the help of some swaddling, toasty blankets, white noise & a full belly). Of course, when we really got her into a deep sleep, my camera battery died! I'd never had that happen, so lesson learned... Thanks for your patience, Mom! I hope you enjoy these few sneak peeks of little Miss S:

Every time I snapped a shot in this spot, she'd give a little smile...

Since recently photographing my own newborn, I've realized that a few awake shots are good to have, too. Love those cheeks!

And, they are just really precious when they're sleeping, aren't they?

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to photograph both of your sweet babies!

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