Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Back in January, Wicked (the musical) was in Louisville. Since I had (painstakingly) read the book the year before, I felt I truly deserved to go see it on stage. It did not disappoint! So, today I got the soundtrack on iTunes & have been listening to the 2 most popular songs back to back all day long - Popular & Defying Gravity. Idina Menzel has been a favorite of mine since I saw RENT (3x on stage) (although, I never saw her on stage, but via the movie & both soundtracks). Her voice is so powerful & amazing. And, yes, I'm obsessed with that production...according to the playlist, I've listened to it 77 times, since loading it onto my iTunes at work. And, honestly, I never listen to music, but when I do - that is what I listen to.

Anyway, just wanted to share. IF I ever figure out how to put music on this thing, I'm sure those 2 groups of songs will be on the playlist.

Other updates: I'm photographing my first senior pictures this weekend. I've rented a mac-daddy lens & will have other professional equipment I'm going to try out. At least I will look like I know what I'm doing. : ) Aryn can jump off the ground with both feet and open doors on her own now. She has grown over an inch in the past 6 weeks, so I'm glad shorts and skirts are in her wardrobe right now. Me - I'm swamped & need to get a list going ASAP to organize all of my thoughts and projects...the usual.

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