Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr. C-Man

Another session of chasing down a little boy. I tell you, I am getting in my exercise during these recent photo sessions, for sure... And, it has been great learning a little bit about what raising a boy is going to be like!

Mr. C just turned 2 years old, so his mom (one of my oldest & dearest friends) asked if I would be willing to photograph this milestone. He has got to be the smiley-est little guy out there, so of course I agreed. With his big brother around, there was no catching him. But, after he & Dad took off to track down some Big League Chew gum, things slowed down just a little. But, seriously, just a little.

I have actually gotten to be part of documenting his "life" twice, now that I think about it. It's hard to believe this was over 2 years ago! And, it's great to look back and realize I'm still doing photography sessions. I wonder where this path will be taking me 2 years from now?

Toddler Mode:

I LOVE his eyelashes & think I comment about them every time I see him.

And, just a little teaser on those great curls he has back there.

Ah, boys and rocks...

A huge Thank You to my lovely assistant, Taryn, who had to pull double duty that day - as "Mom" & "Reflector Holder." You did a great job!

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