Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Featured Friend: Lauren & Peapod Design

One of my goals for this blog was to feature my friends' businesses when I wasn't busy posting my own photo sneak peeks...(un)fortunately, it's taken me until August to get myself organized to do that! But, I'm going to start off with Lauren. She was hired to work my maternity leave for Miss A. And, while we only overlapped 2 weeks or so before my leave & 2 weeks or so when I was transitioning back, we have stayed in touch since then & are always sending each other, "did you see this?" "can you believe this?" on typography, designs, wedding dresses and whatever else we find inspirational.

Lauren has her own freelance design company, and has showcased some amazing work in the portfolio section. Her true (design) love is invitations (to which I can totally relate!). Stop by to "Like" her Facebook page to view some examples of those.

So, please go check out her work on Peapod Design. She built this website herself, which is very impressive to me (as I have no desire to learn web design at all). She also has a blog, which can be found here. And, there's more - she also has great fashion sense, is an accomplished runner & is compiling an impressive Derby hat collection!

Lauren, I'm so thankful Farley hired you 4 years ago! : )

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