Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cowgirl Up!

We celebrated our daughter's birthday this past weekend. Luckily, we are not a large (nor young) group, so we kept it inside - away from the 101 degree heat! Unfortunately, part of our family had a car break down on the trip over. So, they did have to suffer through the heat for a little bit. But, the awesome dealership, Ruxer Ford, came to their rescue & got them back on the road with a loaner.

So, with a slight delay in getting started, the Cowgirl-themed soirée was underway! I tried my hand at a shaped cake, made from a mold, this year, and honestly, it terrified me more than the 6-layer pink cake I made last year! Ryan made the cake, then Aryn & I iced it. I think it turned out well, and she loved it!

To rewind - we arrived at this theme because Ryan is always telling Aryn to "Cowgirl Up!" and any time I asked her what she wanted for her birthday (for months, really, because I kept expecting a different answer to come out eventually), she always requested a "horsey head on a stick." How she came up with this idea, I have no idea to this day. But, she was persistent, so I thought she must really want one! ha ha She got her birthday wish, and wow, she is galloping all over the place now.

Here are a few highlights from her special day:
(Click on any of these images to make them larger)
The invite and her cowgirl attire...

Some cowboy-themed silly bands (which she also took as favors for her classmates, as they were fittingly having "Way Out West" week at school), the infamous horsey-head-on-a-stick, pretend spurs, and the birthday girl with her birthday cake. And, I was really happy with the pennant banner I made, but not so happy with the distracting background!

A few of her gifts & guests (well, just the 2 other kiddos) - all happy campers! (Photography by Ryan...)


  1. Aryn made a great little root'n toot'n cow girl!! LOL I hope she enjoyed her birthday and so happy she loves her horsey on a stick :)
    The cake looks awesome! Way to go J!!