Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5:45 - yes, that's in the A.M.!

This morning I woke up abruptly to something. The ever-so-scared-of-burglars person I am creeped out to the living room, thinking Ryan had left the TV on. Nope, no TV. I discovered the culprit was actually one of Aryn's toys. It is a little kitchen set that, when you set the skillet on the burner, makes a sizzling, egg-frying sound (and the burner is luminated - it's actually pretty cute). However, there is no way that thing had been going all night, so then I started to really freak out - thinking someone had bumped it while they were attempting to rob us! I made Ryan do a quick check of the premises & he cleared up the burglary theory. But, what made the fryer come on? A ghost? The cat? Guess we will never know. All I know is that I laid in bed, wide-eyed, for the next hour or so before I fell asleep (minutes before my alarm went off, of course). Then, I had a dream about a clump of dead flies and a pile of french fries. What's that about? Weird way to start the day...Here's the kitchen (b/c I've never posted a link to something and I want to try it out).

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