Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Fair

Today, I was a little nervous, excited, disappointed, then re-motivated all in the span of an hour. My friends, Lisa & Melanie (from here, not from home), had talked me into exhibiting my Alphabetography at Art in Speed Park in Sellersburg this fall. So, while talk of Tax ID #'s, building a website, figuring out shipping, how to take credit card orders, creating order forms, samples, business cards, etc, etc, completely made my head swirl, I was 90% into doing it (nervous). So, before I went to go meet with my framing friend, Heather, at IMC, I checked to see if they'd posted the 2009 dates for the show (excited). Low & behold, they had...Aug. 29 & 30th...the exact weekend of the Hubers/Cumberland wedding in Indy (disappointed, but still excited for them!). After talking to Heather, I'm still going to see if there is another show that might work for me to exhibit (remotivated!). Fingers crosssed something will work out...

On a side note: I hate not being able to breathe!

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