Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Baby J & His Family

*This kicks off my "busy" season, so come back every week for a new sneak peek!

I had the pleasure of photographing this Family of Five a little over a week ago...the weather had me nervous, but it ended up being a beautiful day! Well, and I was also a little nervous, because he was older & more alert than any newborn session I've done. But, really, he did great (except for one pose that his Mom & I both really wanted to pull off, but he didn't...). After rearranging their living room & kitchen, here are some sneak peeks for our session -

Keep your eye on the prize, Mr. T!

This is not the "perfect" sibling picture, but I just love how it captures their ages: a constantly moving 4 year old boy, a doting older sister (2 yrs), and then the new baby, wondering how life is going to be on the outside. Their parents are blessed, but busy!

Aren't they a beautiful family?

Look at all of this hair! I commented on it, touched it and photographed it a lot that day. My kids were bald blonde-haired babies, so this was such a treat for me. ha ha

Isn't he the sweetest? In fact, at one point I was holding him between poses and just gave him a quick little peck on the forehead. Then I realized, oh wait, this isn't my baby!* ha ha Guess I've chosen the right kind of subject for my photography efforts. *Plus, I do have my own baby boy, so it's just a subconscious habit...apparently. : )

This is one experienced mama - she had blankets and swaddles waiting for me when I walked in - including this blanket she'd made herself. Pretty impressive!

Thanks again for having me photograph your family, Audrey. I had a great time meeting your children, catching up & talking photography! Keep up the good work!

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