Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mr. M - 2011 Version

This is the second time this family has graced the might remember this little guy & his love of trains from last year. We had an interesting session, but I think we managed to get some good looks from him here & there. Mom & Dad probably got more camera time than Mr. M, though! ha ha

Here are some sneak peeks, dear friends...

While we were waiting for the man of the hour to warm up a bit, we got some couple pictures in...
And, some pictures of the "original" family...Buddy (on the left) is the perfect poser, don't you think?

After a tickle session & checking to see if I'm still around, but keeping mom nearby...just in case.

On top of the world! I think he was probably saying, "No more pictures, please...let me play on my daddy's boat now!"

*Heading to another photo session this afternoon, so check back next weekend for some more cute little boys!

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