Monday, June 20, 2011

Furly's Family

I like to keep client's names anonymity in my posts, but I thought this title wouldn't be too much of a giveaway (unless you know her already, obviously). Another beautiful family photographed and catching up with an old friend along the way makes for a great evening. They were troopers, though, with some of them having been to the doctor or hospital only 2 days prior! Or a day trip to Holiday World, which is equally as tiring! That place is tons of fun - you should go, if you haven't already.

The backdrop was their family farm, complete with a litter of kittens. I would definitely love to go back and photograph that spot another time (and, peruse through the various barns and buildings for Alphabetography)...hint, hint. : )

A look at some of the images we got:

Proud Mama K.

Look closely at those sweet boots! (Miss K's, not Dad's, of course) (click each image to enlarge)

She was so smiley, despite being sick. What a doll.

I did get some serious shots of her, too. Those are some seriously big blue eyes!

Sweet baby girl...

We (ok, I) didn't have enough time to explore every nook & cranny, but they had staked out this area for a shot - good spot!

I do love upside down pictures! And, more big blue eyes...

Thank you, Furly & Family!

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