Saturday, June 18, 2011

Growing Up

Here is a sweet sibling duo for you...You might remember them from last year, but boy, have they grown up since then. It's always fun riding around on this property, taking pictures, catching up with their mom, too. What a great way to spend a morning! And, it was just like being at home, with Miss R (who is my daughter's age) wanting to sit on my lap as we rode around. She also took quite a liking to the idea of being the photographer, because by the end of our time together, she was repeating all my instructions to her family & attempting to pose them. It was so cute, and she was great comic relief for the entire group. Oh, and she was very concerned with checking me for ticks (my total count ended up being 7, by the way!).

It's also a good thing that we moved our session to a week earlier, because our original date was today & it is supposed to be raining and storming all day.

I noticed they enjoyed picking on each other a lot more this year...the "nice" shots of them together were a little trickier this time around. : )

A little time down by the water, looking for minnows...

They had matching guns, but Miss R's was pink camo, of course!

Such a cool little guy - heading to Kindergarten in the Fall...

Little Miss Motherly...

...and, my future assistant! Getting the family picture, and making sure it's good. For some shots, she had to take the picture first, then, and only then, would she accept being in the picture so I could take it. It was too cute.

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