Monday, October 10, 2011

The Middle of Nowhere

Last August, I met with Sara, of Sprinkles of Light, for a little mentoring session. She threw out the idea that we should meet up in the spring to take each other's family photos. Then, I had a baby, winter came, spring came, and then she was expecting (and I didn't really feel like I had too much to offer her in the photo-swap-reciprocation...especially coming out of winter, where I had done um, zero family sessions)! Summer came, her baby was born, I had a few family sessions under my belt & feeling up to the challenge. So, with this steel-trap memory of mine (ha!), I remembered her proposal & contacted her. She politely agreed!

I was nervous as could be for about the first half of the outing, but it really was a lot of fun when we were trying to get shots of each other's kids (while trying to get our own child out of the way), and working different angles to get the right light. The spot she chose, McCloud Nature Park, was literally out in the middle of nowhere. I really wish I knew of a spot in this area, though, because it had this tall grass that was awesome!

So, onto the shots...these are not all of my favorites, but I had to make myself stop at some point.

Thank you, Sara, for giving me this opportunity to work with you again! You have a beautiful family & I am sure everyone will agree with that -

What a sweet big sister...

Love this whole series! Plus, this whole backlighting thing was totally new to me, but I love it!

Yeah, the Little(st) Man is looking at the camera! Aren't they a gorgeous family?!

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