Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meine Schwester

Sooo, this is my sister's family. You've seen her before, here & here. Miss E is growing up so fast & really making some noise in our lives (literally, I heard her screaming quite a bit this weekend!).  :  )  They had gotten some church directory photos taken the previous day, so the little gal already knew what was up. But, that didn't mean she felt like participating. We did get some huge smiles & a full-body shot of her, which were the goals...

This session took place at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, in Lincoln City, IN. I'd gone there as a child and for a couple of weddings as an adult, but after being there again, I would like to go back and do the tour/movie thing. Maybe relearn some of what I already "knew" about our 16th President's time here...?

Miss E is a girl on the move, that is for sure. I am jealous of her bedtime routine, though. She just goes right to bed...without any problems or fussing. She literally tried climbing into her pack 'n play when I said it was bedtime. Amazing!
Getting so grown up! And, Miss T was just on Homecoming Court at her high school a few weeks ago...
Yeah! We got some beautiful fall colors for their backdrop.
I just want to squeeze those legs of her's!

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