Saturday, November 12, 2011

Soon-to-be Older Sisters (and their Mom)

I have a sister, and always just assumed that my daughter would have a sister. She, however, got a brother.  :  )  But, I know the special bond between sisters & am excited for these girls to have each other (plus, another sister or...a brother...on the way).  This future sibling of their's is going to be such a lucky little guy or gal!

Last time I photographed these beautiful girls, we were at French Lick. This time, we headed to Lincoln National Memorial, which you will remember from my sister's family photos post. Hmm, that's ironic! ha ha Anyway - you will see how much they have grown up, with Miss A just starting school this year. My how time flies...

I'm behind on my blogging, so this Mom has already seen her gallery...which means, here are more than the usual number of pictures for you!

Can you tell they have so much fun together?

How about that top picture? "Hot Mama," right?
One more thing - I had to apologize for not getting enough individual shots of these girls. They were just always together.  That's Sisterly Love for you!

Lisa - thanks again for letting me capture the calm before the (new baby) storm!  See you soon for that, too.  :  )

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