Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, what a night!

The last post of 2011 sessions, at last!

This amazing family was gathered for a very joyous occasion - the wedding reception of the baby of the family & his lovely bride. It was the first time they'd all been in the same location at the same time - ever! You can imagine how excited they were to get it documented with a photography session.

When I arrived, they were all dressed to the nines for the festivities later in the afternoon. And, all so coordinated with my favorite colors - red & black - I loved it! Don't they look amazing?

There is always a window with toddlers & preschoolers...we were doing ok, but then got some great personality from Miss K! Don't you think Mom should wear this dress all of the time? She is a knockout in it.
"Not going to smile..." "Ha ha, I've broken free & am happy as a lark!" Isn't her hair beautiful?

Same goes for this Mom. Really, I think you should wear this weekly! You might also recognize these handsome boys...

Look what happened at the shoot! Congratulations on your loss, Mr. S! Hope the Tooth Fairy found you!
The happy couple, all the way from CA! They are some serious karaoke-iers, too. Lucky you, Mrs. Ring, to get to wear your wedding dress twice!  You were glowing all day, too, Shane!  :  )

Old Town Hall ~ Huntingburg, IN
Thank you, Ring Family, for having me capture these before (or during) the day's craziness. It was such a pleasure!


  1. Thank you, and you are welcome! Hope you are enjoying the married life!

  2. Thanks J! Great blog. It was a fun day!