Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr. J

Oh the places he has been! Since I first met this little guy on Christmas Eve eve, he has traveled near & far to meet all of his relatives, he is sleeping 7 hours (yes, in a row!) for his mom & dad on occasion, and been just an amazing addition to the lives of his entire family & their friends.

You are going to want to cuddle with him, too...

I LOVE baby feet, and look at all those lines! I have never seen that many...I even double-checked my own little guy's pictures (mainly because my husband didn't believe me), and Mr. J has him outdone by 2 or 3 times as many!
Oh, and these little baby rolls? And, the pouty lips? I couldn't get enough of those!
Mom had this hat ready to go for him on picture day. Such sweetness!
Wonderful story with this trunk - Dad gave it to Mom on their wedding day, with an amazing note about filling it during their future together. What a thoughtful gift & what a great way to represent their new family's beginning!

Thank you again, Kevin & Emily, for being such wonderful creative researchers & allowing me to capture this truly amazing time in your life!