Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sweet Little Man: 18 mos

To follow my last post, I have another referral client to feature! So, I want to say THANK YOU (that's a "big" Thank You, by the way) to those of you who have passed along my information, whether or not that someone actually contacted me. I truly & sincerely appreciate it. Maybe they'll get in front of my camera this year?   ;  )

But, back to this wonderful family.

Meet Mr. C. He is a curious little guy, who was not really digging the picture-taking scene at the house. But, boy, when we got him around the cows and tractors,* he was in heaven!  (well, minus the last family picture we tried to get, but you'll have that) If he would've hung in there, I could've taken pictures of him all day long...and, I think you'll see why...

*Being on their property reminded me of my childhood & growing up on a farm. All of the sounds, sights & smells (of course) just took me was kind of nice to travel down memory lane a bit. Maybe I will take C-Man to my parents' farm for his 18 month pictures? He would love it.

Ok, I got distracted again, sorry. If you know me well, you know I tend to ramble (no comments please, Taryn).

Such a happy boy
Doesn't he look like a good helper? If not now, maybe in a few years, anyway?  ha ha

Love the serious face & the lines of the gate in this bottom one.

"Vrroom, goes the tractor!"  I just love all of the textures you find on a farm!

It was a very windy morning. Our first attempts were at their house, but we had the best luck just right inside the barn.
And, this is my favorite...such bright blue eyes.
 Thank you, Brenda, for giving me a chance to meet & photograph your family!

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